Project Description

  • When? October 25th 2019 | From 2:30pm to 4:30pm | Palazzo dei Congressi, Largo Firenze 1, Ravenna

  • Who can participate? A class of students between 16 and 17 years – II, III and IV classes of Secondary School

  • How? The workshop is inserted into the Educational Offering Plan 2019 of Ravenna Municipality

  • How long does it last? 2 hours

  • Is it free? Yes, all Visioni Fantastiche’s educational activities are free

The laboratory will focus on the analysis of the world of video games and on their realization. It consists of an alternation of theoretical parts and interactive parts, in the form of a society game. In particular, the laboratory will explore the methods that bring a creative product to be of quality, both from the point of view of contents and aesthetics, and from the commercial one.
Students will be involved in a game, in which they will be asked to take on the role of all the personalities involved in the making of the videogame: developers, editors, journalists…showing them how the various sectors collaborate and complement each other in order to shape the gaming experience.

The teacher: Gian Paolo Vernocchi

Gian Paolo Vernocchi has been working in the gaming world since he was 13 years old. He collaborates in the creation of numerous table games including Wizards of Mickey, collectible card game under Disney license, Moto Grand Prix (Fantasy Flight) and others. In 2010 he entered the world of video games collaborating with Crescent Moon Games in the creation of Ravensword: Shadowlands and subsequently joined the Imola-based team of Just Funny Games, with whom he created various mobile games including Trigonon. In 2012 he founded DESTINYbit, an independent video game development studio that worked on two original titles: Within and Empires Apart and collaborated with some Italian studios on various projects. Game Designer, 2D / 3D Artist, has been a freelancer for many years, creating over one hundred trailers for Mobile games, PCs and Consoles for customers like Ravenous Games and EA / Chillingo.


Supervisor Paola Di Natale

Phone / mob. +39 0544 464 812 / +39 338 406 6693