Project Description

  • When? October 25th 2019 | From 9:00am to 1:00pm | Palazzo dei Congressi, Largo Firenze 1, Ravenna

  • Who can participate?  A class of students between 16 and 17 years – II, III and IV classes of Secondary School

  • How? The workshop is inserted into the Educational Offering Plan 2019 of Ravenna Municipality

  • How long does it last? 4 hours

  • Is it free? Yes, all Visioni Fantastiche’s educational activities are free

What is a podcast? It is a constantly growing media, an original production that allows the development of programs through specific topics that can enhance the narrative aspect to the point of creating an almost intimate relationship with each individual listener.
The in-depth analysis of this powerful tool will develop on two trajectories: at first we will try to understand how a podcast is made, types, contents and forms will be analyzed to realize the contents of one’s own transmission, later, through a work group, we will focus on writing and the technique that gives life to a podcast.

The teacher: Gianni Gozzoli

Gianni Gozzoli lives in Forlì and is a Web radio Speaker. Author and Transmedia Storyteller, he was also Voice Talent, advertising doubler and editor. He also has experience in television, as a conductor and presenter, and in cinema, as the author of subjects and screenplays.


Supervisor Paola Di Natale

Phone / mob. +39 0544 464 812 / +39 338 406 6693