Project Description

  • When? October 29th 2019 | From 11:00am to 1:00pm | Palazzo dei Congressi, Largo Firenze 1, Ravenna

  • Who can participate? A class of students between 12 and 15 years – II and III classes of Middle School and I class of Secondary School


  • How? The workshop is inserted into the Educational Offering Plan 2019 of Ravenna Municipality

  • How long does it last? 2 hours

  • Is it free? Yes, all Visioni Fantastiche’s educational activities are free

Who has never wondered how cinema can show fantastic creatures and imaginary worlds? In the laboratory with visual effects supervisor Giuseppe Squillaci, students will learn while having fun how to make a shot with a green back and how to transform it in a creative way thanks to the intervention of VFX and special effects.

The teacher: Giuseppe Squillaci

Giuseppe Squillaci, visual effects supervisor with many films behind him, director and producer with a great love for comics and visual arts, after his humanistic studies he trained technically and artistically alongside Maestro Carlo Rambaldi, among animatronic, animation and digital effects. After several experiences in the field of VFX and post production, he founded CANECANE, the studio with which he received 3 David di Donatello nominations for the best Special Visual Effects. With his GALACTUS, a small independent production company, he co-produces the animated feature film EAST END in 2107, where he directs and is about to face new and sensational challenges.


Supervisor Paola Di Natale

Phone / mob. +39 0544 464 812 / +39 338 406 6693