Project Description

The forgotten rose

Italy, 2019, 10′
by Carla di Ilio


Palazzo dei Congressi, Ravenna

from 2 to 4 pm

ItalY, 2019 – 10’

Director: Carla di Ilio / Script: Liliana Rubbino, Mattia Rizzo / Director of Photography: Anna Dykhno / Editor: Claudia Di Fonzo / Costumes: Elisa Stevanato / Screenplay: Camilla De Angelis / Soundtrack: Giuseppe Gaudino / Hair and Make up: Cristina De Sanctis, Priscilla Ammannito

Fiammetta lives in a small town near the mountain and her dream is to become an opera singer. When she doesn’t have to help her mother Iole at the flower shop, she spies the theater near her house. One day Iole gives Fiammetta a basket full of flowers to deliver, so she and her friend Rocco set out on the town’s streets. But suddenly they see a strange house with even more beautiful flowers. It’s a witch’s house! Rocco runs away scared but Fiammetta is attracted by something sparkly, magical theater binoculars that show the future. Fiammetta looks into the binoculars and sees herself on the stage with a red rose bouquet, blinded by the lights. She runs home to tell her mother but sees a broken vase on the floor. Iola is at the hospital. Seasons pass by, Fiammetta grows up and has a red rose bouquet to deliver.

The director: Carla di Ilio

Carla di Ilio, after her studies at the Aquila University, she attended the director course at the Holden School in Turin. She then moved to Rome where she graduated in Directing at the Academy of Film in Rome, in the heart of Cinecittà. She completed her artistic education as a classic, electric and celtic harp musician.

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