Project Description


USA, 2019, 5′

by Anna Cangellaris


Palazzo dei Congressi, Ravenna

Slot 08:30 – 10:30am

USA, 2019, 5’

Regia / Direction: Anna Cangellaris / Sceneggiatura / Screenplay: Anna Cangellaris / Produttore / Producer: California Institure of the Arts / Interpreti / Cast: Anna Cangellaris, Ben Wickey, Lily Winsor / Fotografia / Cinematography: Anna Cangellaris / Musica / Music: Quasar Wei Pausch / Scenografia / Set Designer: Anna Cangellaris / Montaggio / Editor: Anna Cangellaris / Produzione / Producer Company: California Institure of the Arts

Sophie longs to be reborn while seeking to know her double. A party in the hills of Los Angeles offers a corporeal shift to her existence.

The director: Anna Cangellaris

Anna Cangellaris is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. She studied Film/Animation/Video at the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA, 2012) and Experimental Animation at California Institute of the Arts (MFA, 2018). Her short films are a satirical reimagining of her environment. She works with narrative, pop culture and caricature, often highlighting the intersection between interior and exterior persona. She believes everything is funny in retrospect.


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