Project Description


Sweden, 2019, 5′

by Jonas Myrstrand


Palazzo dei Congressi, Ravenna

Slot 08:30 – 10:30am

Sweden, 2019, 5’

Direction: Jonas Myrstrand  / Screenplay: Jonas Myrstrand / Producer: Jonas Myrstrand / Cast: Erik Myrstrand, Lova Falk / Cinematography: Alireza Badiee / Music: Björn Ohlson / Set designer: Jonas Myrstrand / Editing: Jonas Myrstrand / Distribution: Jonas Myrstrand

Bye bye to comfort…
To stop using pacifier is like quiting smoking.
A duel at the big napkin tree.
A day with Dad and his 3 years old daughter when they stop using the pacifier and quit smoking.
Pacifier vs Cig. – Wanted Dead or Alive!
A fiction with documentaries input and animation
wit a glimze in the eye…

The director: Jonas Myrstrand

Jonas Myrstrand  Born in 1960 in Stockholm, Sweden. 12 years in Walldorfshool. Study at The Swedish Filminstitut and Filmakademin in Gothenburg. Master in FilmCurator. Since 1990 working as a director & scripts to shorts, tv, documentarys, filmfestivals, nowdays at Studio Jox, Gothenburg FilmStudios. He is Menthor and Filmtescher at filmshools with workshops in directing. Studies for Judith Weston in USA. The last years also done some Film-APP:s and VR projects etc


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