Project Description


The retrospective section is dedicated to the Masters. Tribute to the Masters is not only a great occasion to propose masterpieces, but also a moment where, by watching films that made the history of cinema, you can better understand the nature of contemporary cinema and create the basis for a viewer able to understand, decode and even appreciate cinema of the future. Wes Anderson’s Isle of dogs would’nt have been existed if it weren’t for master Kawamoto KihachirĂ´; a film as Cohen’s Not a country for old men wouldn’t have been created weren’t for master David Lynch – the first Master to whom we dedicated a great homage three years ago at Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest, eventually leading us to continue in this direction.
In the first edition the section will be dedicated to Master of animation Hayao Miyazaki, probably the most important director of animated films of the last 40 years, of whom we’ll present some of the most significant works, in collaboration with Association A.S.C.I.G. – Association for Cultural Exchanges between Italy and Japan.

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