Project Description

Ratones Intrepidos

Spain, 2020, 15′
by Sara e Miriam Garcia


Palazzo dei Congressi, Ravenna

from 2 t0 4 pm

Spain, 2020 – 15’

Director: Sara Garcia, Miriam Garcia / Screenwriter: Sara Garcia / Produttore: Dina Gòmez / Music: Sara Garcia / Editing: Sara Garcia, Daniel Garcia / Animation: Sara Garcia / Cast: Rùben Garcia

Ginger Orzábal, a young gentlemouse from the Royal Mice Navy, wants to take revenge on the pirate gang responsible for the disappearing of his mother: a dangerous group of cats, leaded by the cold and relentless Captain Black. Ginger, with the help of his brother, Thyme “Bigtail” Orzábal, will embark on the adventure of his life.

The directors: Sara and Miriam García

Sara García (1997), is an Spanish artist, screenwriter, animator, musician and cinema director. She wrote her first novel being 6 years old and with an old Mac Powerbook, and decided she wanted to direct her own movies. Sara directed her first live action short in 2019, “Ojos que no Ven”, and now she debuts with her first animation short, Courageous Mice.
Miriam García (1998) is an Spanish artist, screenwriter, animator and cinema director. Miriam loves writing and designing characters. Along with her sister Sara, she has worked in live action shorts such as “Ojos que no Ven”. Courageous Mice is her first animated short.

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