Project Description

Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver

Germany, 2018, 110′

by Dennis Gansel


Palazzo dei Congressi, Ravenna

Slot 08:30 – 10:30am

Germany, 2018, 110’

Direction: Dennis Gansel / Screenplay: Dirk Ahner, Sebastian Niemann, Andrew Birkin / Producer: Christian Becker / Cast: Solomon Gordon, Henning Baum, Annette Frier, Christoph Maria Herbst, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Milan Peschel, Rick Kavanian, Michael Bully Herbig / Cinematographya: Torsten Breuer / Music: Ralf Wengenmayr / Set designer: Laura Zamora / Editing: Ueli Christen / Production: Rat Pack Film Production / Distribution: Timeless Films German Release

Jim Button, his buddy Luke the Engine Driver and Emma the Locomotive live on the little island of Morrowland. One day, they set out on a great adventure. Their voyage takes them to the realm of the Emperor of Mandala, from whence they set out to rescue his kidnapped daughter Li Si. The three of them venture into Dragons City to free the Princess and discover the secret of Jim’s origins.

The director: Dennis Gansel

Dennis Gansel, born in 4th of October 1972 in Hannover, started shooting his first TV movie “The Phantom” when he was still a student at Munich film school HFF. It won him a Grimme Prize 2001 and the Audience Award at the Baden-Baden festival. He followed it up with comedy “Girls on Top” (2001) starring Diana Amft, Felicitas Woll and Karoline Herfurth, who were all to go on to become major stars. “The Downfall” (2004, also co-script) starring Max Riemelt and Tom Schilling won him the Bavarian Film Prize for Best Director, after already having earned a German Film Prize for Best Unproduced Screenplay. It also won awards in Fajr, the Hamptons and Viareggio.
His drama “The Wave” (2008, also co-script) starring Jürgen Vogel earned a Jupiter Award for Best Director, the German Film Prize in Bronze, the Script Prize in Torino and the Special Jury Prize in Istanbul, and was screened at Sundance. His modern vampire more “We are the Night” (2010, also co-script) starring Karoline Herfurth, Nina Hoss, Jennifer Ulrich, Anna Fischer and Max Riemelt, won the Special Jury Prize at the Catalonian International Film Festival in Sitges. In 2012, he shot thriller “The Fourth Estate” (also co-script) starring Moritz Bleibtreu and Max Riemelt. In 2016, Dennis Gansel shot his first major Hollywood film, action hit sequel “Mechanic: Resurrection” starring Jason Statham, Tommy Lee Jones and Jessica Alba.


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