Project Description

All short films presented in Competition 16+ explore fantastic cinema, are highly educational and suitable for an audience composed of young viewers aged between 16 and 17 years.



The big wave

Calabria, mid 70s. The entrepreneurial turning point of the most powerful criminal organization on the planet: the 'Ndrangheta.

Jury of Competition 16+

No one’s serious at seventeen.
(Arthur Rimbaud)

Students of Jury 16+ will watch and vote short films that are articulated, brave, hard to categorise. The research of one’s own place in the world, the development of ideals, choosing the role models to follow, the complexity of relationships with family, peers and most of all with oneself. It’s the age of changing par excellence and the expressive potential is enormous. After the screening, the students will vote through voting cards expressing a number between 1 and 10. Winning films of the Competition will be announced at the end of the Festival.

Stories proposed in section 16+, always implying the fantastic or magic element, have been selected as they face themes of particular generational interest. Here languages and distances cease to exist. Looks blend into worldviews, just as different as they are complementary, producing infinite dialectical exchanges. Section 16+ gives the opportunity to overcome narrow cultural borders and to appreciate diversity. Countless versions and visions of the same form arise in the films, whose protagonists young viewers can identify with, while learning how to relate to them through Visioni Fantastiche’s debates. If truth relies in the eye of the beholder, at Visioni Fantastiche the viewers universe never crystallises, but it expands and transforms.

Each jury admits a maximum of three classes of students, who will be seated in the movie theatre respecting the social distancing rules.

The jurors will assign the competition awards using the decimal system and voting through voting cards. Proposed films have been selected among hundreds of works that directors from all over the world sent us. Winning films will be announced at the end of the Festival.
Film screenings will be in the morning (time window 8:30 – 11:00 am) and / or in the afternoon (time window 2:30 – 4:30/5 pm).

Yes, during the afternoon there will be Workshops and Masterclasses with specific proposals for every students’ age group. The Festival program also includes interactive space, premieres and screenings open to all.