Project Description


Denmark, 2018, 7′
by Katarina Lundquist


Palazzo dei Congressi, Ravenna

from 2 to 4 pm

Denmark, 2018 – 7’23”

Director: Katarina Lundquist / Character Design: Mihaela Buzgan, Régis Marion / Storyboard: Katarina Lundquist, Neil Ingle, Teoman Cardel / Background: Teoman Cardel, Alexander Jensen, Irmak Semiz, Astrid Brix Torø, Maria Kruse, Katarina Lundquist / Animation: Simone Linn Skorstad, Neil Ingle, Mihaela Buzgan, Régis Marion, Mario Stefan Grosu / Camera: Katarina Lundquist, Neil Ingle / Composition: Teoman Cardel, Alexander Jensen, Irmak Semiz, Astrid Brix Torø, Maria Kruse, Katarina Lundquist, Kim Strandl / Music: Mette Skjøttgaard, Jeppe Lindskov / Sound: Mette Skjøttgaard, Jeppe Lindskov / Editor: Katarina Lundquist

Deep in the Norwegian forest, there is an old man, living an orderly and quiet life. Closed off from the rest of the world, he spends his days together with his lifelong friend, a troll. Together they share an everyday routine, drinking tea and taking care of each other. One day the troll begins to hint that the time has come for him to leave the comfort of their home. Not wanting to face the consequences of reality, the man sticks to his routines, maintaining their daily life. One morning, the troll is gone. Trying to restore balance to his life, the old man leaves his home in search of the troll, only to find himself getting lost in his own mind, entangled in his fears. In his darkest moment, he realizes that in order to find peace, he needs to accept the fate of his friend.

The director: Katarina Lundquist

Katarina Lundquist (1993) is a director and CG-artist from Norway who just finished a Bachelor Degree in Computer Graphic Arts at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. She has a deep passion for story, concept and visual development  in both 2D and 3D projects.