Students can participate as jurors of the films presented in the categories of the International Competition.

  • CLASS REGISTRATIONS: Visioni Fantastiche is part of the Educational Offering Plan (known as P.O.F.), the proposals of the Municipality of Ravenna for school qualification for the year 2019/2020. For info and pre-registrations please contact us at segreteriavisionifantastiche@gmail.com

What does it mean to be a festival juror?

It consists in watching films, introduced by an expert or by the director, and voting them through voting cards. At the end of the day, the Festival Staff will count the votes and winning films will be announced in the closing award ceremony.

The Juries will be made of students from schools of Ravenna Municipality, called Visionaries, to whom we will be proposing our film selection of the International Competition on the basis of their different age groups. Supported by an expert, it will be their task to see and vote short and feature films, both animation and fiction, among the most representative of the international scene focusing on fantastic cinema. Selected films, among the over 400 entries that we have received from directors from all over the world, will be announced on our webite starting from September 10th 2019.

There are five categories of the International Competition and their corresponging juries, divided according to different age groups: