Visioni Fantastiche – Cinema for schools

Visioni Fantastiche (Fantastic Visions) is a film festival dedicated to schools of all types and levels, launched with the goal – as specified by the National Plan “Cinema for Schools” promoted by MIUR and MIBAC – to contribute contrasting iconic illiteracy, through a Festival project where the educational, formative and spectacular elements find their point of conjuction.

Being one of the few Italian film festivals dedicated to schools, we think that Visioni Fantastiche can reach an absolute relevance from the start. The relationship with schools of all types and levels is of central importance in order to “create” spectators more and more equipped and prepared to decode the myriad of visual information which they are continuosly exposed to. It is also in response to this growing need that Visioni Fantastiche starts its journey.


  • Artistic Direction – Franco Calandrini

  • Artistic consultancy – Carlo Tagliazucca | Marco del Bene


  • Coordination – Elena Baschieri

  • General Secretary – Paola Di Natale

  • Hospitality – Valentina Scentoni

  • Technical manager – Lucia Biamonte

  • Tanslation and subtitles – Tommaso Tafani

  • Administration – Anna Lanzillo


  • International Competition – Franco Calandrini | Carlo Tagliazucca

  • Laboratories and Master Class – Paola Di Natale


  • Head of Communications – Maria Martinelli

  • Communication&Social Media Management – Virginia Liverani

  • Press Office – Francesco Gamberini

  • Web Design – Virginia Liverani


  • Promotion in collaboration with Publimedia Advertising Agency – Carlo Serafini | Gianpiero Zinzani | Mauro Monaldini

  • In collabotion with GialloLuna NeroNotte – Artistic Director Nevio Galeati

  • In collaboration with A.S.C.I.G. (Association for Cultural Exchanges between Italy and Japan) – Artistic Director Marco Del Bene

  • In collaboration with CinemaCity – Director Piero D’Aleo

  • Created and organizedStart Cinema