9th November 2020. The second edition of Visioni Fantastiche (Fantastic Visions) – the festival for school education focused on fantasy cinema – has begun. Despite the difficulties and uncertainties, the festival goes ahead, taking all the necessary precautions: the event has become hybrid, presenting events both in the presence, at the Palazzo del Cinema e dei Congressi in Ravenna, and in the virtual room of MYmovies.it. Every day, “I Visionari” (The Visionaries), the students who are taking part in the festival, have the opportunity to watch the films as spectators and to become jurors of the competition. What better opportunity to raise young people’s awareness of cinema? The festival presents a wonderful schedule of screenings, workshops and master classes in which students will be able to participate in a completely free and open way.

The day opened at 8.30 a.m. with two parallel events, one in the Palazzo del Cinema e dei Congressi and one online, on virtual platform Zoom. First event, in the hall of the Palazzo, was the first appointment of the Concorso Internazionale (International Competition), with the section 16+. The appointment was led by Maria Martinelli. The films in this section deal with the magical-fantastic element, interfacing with the realism of everyday life. 

At the same time, always at 8.30 a.m., on the online platform Zoom was taking place the Workshop 6+ offered by Visioni Fantastiche: Le Linee d’Ombra (The Shadow Lines), which involved students between 6 and 8 years old from Primary School.  The workshop, as the title suggests, consisted in a game of light and shadow which had clear references to the origin cinema. The teachers of the workshop were Danilo Conti and Antonella Piroli.

Another workshop had come to life at 11.00 a.m. on the Zoom virtual platform, for the students of section 12+: Uno spot, una visione fantastica (A spot, a fantastic vision) with the teacher Francesco Filippi, director and screenwriter, with a particular preference for animation and cinema training for children. This workshop allowed the students to create a spot as a real cinema troupe, enhancing their creativity and imagination. 

The day ended at 4.00 p.m. with a virtual Masterclass, on Zoom. That Masterclass, free and accessible to all, promoted themes and insights on fantasy cinema and seriality. The Masterclass 16+ Cinema & Filosofia. In cammino verso la saggezza (Cinema & Philosophy. On the way to wisdom) held by teachers Emanuela Serri and Rossella Giovannini: Into the Wild – In the Wild Lands by Sean Penn was screened, teaching students the relationship between cinema and philosophy, with a focus on the theme of social homologation and self-discovery.

Plus, the section Homage to the Masters is available in streaming on MYmovies.it from the first to the last day of the festival. Dedicated to the great directors of animation cinema, this year the section offers a focus on a great director in the history of cinema: Bruno Bozzetto. Vip – Mio fratello superuomo is the movie which is broadcast, with various short films. All films are preceded by an extraordinary interview of the programmer Carlo Tagliazucca to the great director. A unique opportunity to discover the style and poetics of this fantastic filmmaker. 

To access all appointments and events of Visioni Fantastiche simply visit the facebook page @Visioni Fantastiche or the website www.visionifantastiche.it. The festival is entirely available on the MYmovies.it platform: https://www.mymovies.it/ondemand/visioni-fantastiche/