Also the fifth day of the festival started with fantastic cinema, proposing again the shorts of the Visionari 16+ section and the feature films of the Visionari 18+ section. 

Starting at 8:30 a.m., the hybrid mode that characterizes the second edition of the festival, free and open to all, allowed children to safely attend- following all the required and necessary regulations- the screening of films addressed and dedicated to them. The Short films for the Visionaries 16+ were closed to the world of adults, a way that frightens and fascinates with realistic, true and reflective themes that allowed children to undertake a journey not only into the world of cinema, but into their real and inner world, through the magic of fantasy cinema. 

For the Visionari 18+ section, feature films with mature and complex themes were presented, linked to young adults, now in daily contact with reality and capable of abstraction and reflection. On November 13, it was presented Virus Tropical, directed by Santiago Caicedo, a movie in perfect harmony with themes as the difficult issues of growth: this is the story of Paola, born into an unconventional family and raised between Ecuador and Colombia; a young girl in search of herself, unable to find a model to follow and a place to stay. The story of a peculiar feminine vision of the world, of a strong spirit of struggle against prejudices and determination, in search of oneself and its place, in a universe that is both damaged and complex. Both sections 16+ and 18+ were presented and introduced by programmer Carlo Tagliazucca

Also at 8:30 a.m., taking advantage of the virtual classes of the Zoom platform, started the Laboratory 9+ Stop-frame!: a fantastic laboratory dedicated to children and held by Arianna Gheller, Matteo Burani – Studio Croma. The teachers helped the children to create a choreography using the Pixillation technique, to animate the actors in stop motion. Shot after shot, the children were the protagonists of their personal stop motion movie, demonstrating how to learn, even from a distance, is the main objective of Visioni Fantastiche. This laboratory was proposed again, during the day, starting at 14.00 p.m., to Visionari 12+.

Starting from 11:00 a.m., on the other hand, always on the platform Zoom, the Laboratory 18+ Il design e il business dei videogiochi (The design and business of video games) held by Gian Paolo Vernocchi was held. A practical and playful approach through a reinterpretation of what happens behind the scenes of the production of a successful videogame, both in the field of plot, history and development, and in the aesthetic and graphic field. Every student was able to assume the role of every important figure who contributes to the successful production of a videogame, approaching in a realistic and practical way the alternative and virtual world of gaming.

At 4.00 p.m. the virtual classrooms of Zoom was colored with the magical shades of the Rising Sun with the Masterclass 18 + Eroi. Il cinema fantastic classico in Giappone (Heroes. The classic fantasy cinema in Japan), held by Marco del Bene. A Masterclass dedicated to the art of Japanese cinematography, a theoretical study accompanied by relevant visions of works by the greatest masters of the art of Japanese cinema. In addition, Shakespeare and the literary tradition were integral themes of the Masterclass, which allowed the students a journey beyond borders and languages, from Japan to Macbeth and much more.