Visioni Fantastiche Online Edition starts with a short film made available by author Francesco Filippi, whose Red Hands won Best Short Film award of Competition 12+ during the Festival first edition.

Loser Leg is a low-budget animation film that I wrote, directed and produced. I wanted to tell a story about a fictional physical defect so that it could be universal and, through it, viewers could be encouraged valuing their qualities. As art finds its strength in limitations, similarly we can find (or develop) surprising virtues thanks to our limits.” (Francesco Filippi)

“I’ve always had strong arms. They necessarily become so when you were born with boneless legs”. You don’t think to be perfect, do you? Loser Leg has sea legs and his schoolmates tie him everywhere. He rolls with the punches and jokes about it, but his heart suffers when Rose, the girl he likes, runs away terrified every time she sees him tied…
An animated short film made in Bologna, able to entertain kids and fascinate adults. A film for everyone who loves the sun and believes in happiness.

Selected in more than 200 festivals worldwide. 80 awards, of which 7 assigned by juries of kids.

Watch the film!