Visioni Fantastiche Online Edition continues with its second short film: La Nuit de l’Ours by Sam e Fred Guillaume, who we thank for adhering to our proposal inspired by the slogan “culture does not stop” which is allowing us to propose a series of film works made available by authors who participated in the Festival. The Swiss directors’s Le Renard et l’Oisille won Best Short Film award of Competition 6+ during Visioni Fantastiche first edition.

Our first animation film The Night of the Bear was born from the meeting with the team of reception centre “La Tuile” in Switzerland. We got to know this community bound by precariousness and it soon seemed necessary to transpose into images these moments of great intimacy, giving a voice to those who we tend to hastily label as ‘the excluded’. The mirror shown by these men and women is not easy to observe; at the same time it is a necessity for those who believe in the progress of society. The original intention was not to inform the viewers about the phenomenon of precarity, but to touch them deeply stimulating a debate.

Watch the film!