Among the training activities offered by the Festival, masterclasses conducted by experts in the audiovisual training sector will also be included in the 2020 edition. But what exactly are the masterclasses? These are in-depth lessons, set up in a similar way to a classic frontal lesson, but which in Visioni Fantastiche will focus on original themes relating to the world of film art, through a stimulating and interactive approach.

Like all the initiatives of the Festival, the masterclasses are also completely free and are aimed at students of schools of all levels in the Municipality of Ravenna. There are specific proposals, studied for different ages, in order to guarantee maximum involvement: for younger students there is the masterclass on stop motion animation conducted by the expert Davide Vukich (who last year almost sold out with the lesson on Disney cinema), whereas for high school teenagers we planned three masterclasses ranging from the philosophy of self-discovery to the art of laughter, passing through the “heroes” of Japan.

Each masterclass admits a maximum of three classes of students, who will be seated in the theatre respecting the provisions for the containment of the covid-19. Registrations are open! To register classes and / or groups of students, just contact us at or by phone at 3283310289.

Masterclass 6+ and 9+ – For students of classes I, II, III, IV and V of Primary School and classes I of Secondary School

  • Stop Motion The wonderful Cinema of Monsters curated by Davide Vukich of the Circolo Sogni “Antonio Ricci”

Masterclass 16+ – For students of classes II, III, IV and V of 2nd grade Secondary School

  • Cinema and Philosophy: On the Way to Wisdom by Emanuela Serri and Rossella Giovannini

Masterclass 18+ – For students of classes IV and V of 2nd grade Secondary School

  • Heroes. The classic fantastic cinema in Japan by Marco Del Bene
  • The art of the tumble: history and techniques of laughter in cinema by Carlo Tagliazucca