The program of Visioni Fantastiche will be full of activities for schools and for all movie-goers. There are several sections designed specifically for schools and for which registration is required. We have defined it “participating in 3 moves” and refers to those initiatives of the Festival, all completely free, which will be included in the Educational Offering Plan 2019/2020 of the Municipality of Ravenna.

After the International Competition Juries and the Laboratories, we are finally ready to illustrate the third way, which refers to the Master Classes and all the meetings conducted by professors, experts and personalities of the film industry, which will be held in the afternoon at Ravenna’s Palazzo dei Congressi during the nine days of October in which Visioni Fantastiche will take place.
What exactly are the Master Classes? These are frontal lessons open to all, held by industry professionals, concerning themes of the contemporary film world, developed for the occasion in a brilliant and stimulating way, encouraging the exchange and interaction between those on stage and the audience.

We will propose a set of Master Classes aimed at different age groups of the students, in order to maximize the involvement through the use of languages and contents able to excite the young audience – an audience that cannot be considered unique but formed by profoundly different subgroups. At the same time, the Master Classes adopt an approach as open as possible, taking the form of exclusive opportunities for deepening the art of cinema open to all.