The program of Visioni Fantastiche will be rich of activities for schools and for all movie-goers. There are different sections specifically thought for school institutes and for which registration is required. We called them “the 3 ways to participate”, referring to those Festival initiatives that will be inserted in the Educational Offering Plan 2019/2020 of Ravenna Municipality.

We’ve already illustrated the first way, that is participating in the Festival as jurors of the films presented in the International Competition. If the Competition focuses on the experience of the cinematographic vision, the laboratories of Visioni Fantastiche regard what’s behind the realisation of films and of audiovisual products. The second way specifically refers to this transversal laboratorial activity realised with field professionals and experts, guiding and engaging the students in stimulating practical experiences, where cinema will be approached and explored in its most manual aspect.
Of different genres and durations, the laboratories are addressed to schools of all types and levels, conceiving specific proposals for each age group. Every laboratory can admint a maximum number of 30 students and it’s possible to participate with an entire class or with a transversal group made of students from different classes.
The laboratorial activities are structured as direct didactic experiences and the result will be an audiovisual product that the Festival is going to show at the Final Party, the closing appointment dedicated to all participant.