Another day of brilliant meetings took place with previews and showings for Visioni Fantastiche, the only film festival of the region dedicated to fantasy cinema and school education. Saturday 26th October began at 8:30 am with 16+ category of the International Contest, where an unmissable film was shown: Il Polpettone, the shocking inquiry film by Raffaele Imbò. The movie tells the awful and surrealistic school events (actually happened) in a High School. The filmmaker, who was at the festival and met the audience, told about this particular film experience.

At 3:30 pm, the amazing Final Party took place, a celebration realized to mix the taste for the cinema of the festival and its educational intent. A unique event, based on love for cinema, fun and education. The works done by the students during the activities have been shown and in this background the Award Ceremony for the 6+ 9+ 12+ and 16+ categories of the International Contest took place, where five short films were announced as Winners of the best short film award. So, in these unique celebrations, not only the students had fun, but they also saw the results of their hard work.

For the 6+ Category, the winner is The fox and the bird by Fred e Sam Guillaume, Svitzerland/Belgium 2018

For the 9+ Category, the winner is Wild Love by P. Autric, Q. Camus, L. Georges, M. Laudet, Z. Sottiaux, C. Yvergniaux, France, 2018

For the 12+ Category, the winner is Mani rosse by Francesco Filippi, Italy/France, 2018

For the 16+ Category, the winner is The essence of everything di Daniele Barbiero, Italia, 2018

Later, at 5:30 pm, the first incredible meeting of the Showcase Emilia-Romagna section took place. The section is dedicated to film activities made in the region and it is created by the collaboration between the festival and the Emilia-Romagna Film Commission to highlight the best artistic production of our zone. In this first meeting the section has presented, inside the Festival, some of the best short films made in the region: “Butterflies in Berlin” by Monica Manganelli; “L’urlo” by Francesco Barilli; “Mon Clochard” by Gian Marco Pezzoli; “The passengers” by Tommaso Valente. There were at the meeting the director Tommaso Valente, the director Francesco Barilli and Antonio Padovani, producer of Butterflies in Berlin.

The day ended amazingly with the fourth unmissable Anteprima Fantastica: “Gwen” by William McGregon, during an exclusive showing at 9 pm. Set in Wales in XIX century, the movie tells the story of a young woman who tries desperately to keep her family together, fighting against the cold and the hunger. However, a dark presence will attack them and the community will start suspecting something.