We are finally ready to present the official poster of Visioni Fantastiche, the film festival for schools and for the whole territory that will celebrate its first edition from October 21st to 29th 2019 at Palazzo dei Congressi in Ravenna. It consists in an event of a unique nature, both at a regional and at a national level, where is part of a narrow circle of film festivals dedicated to audiovisual education addressed to young audiences. An ambitious project, both in content and objectives, that we wanted to present with an equally important and fantastic illustration. We could imagine, though, that we would have had the honour to represent our festival with an illustration created by French artist Rebecca Dautremer. Created for the cover of a documentary book on French author Jules Verne – among sci-fi genre founders – the image of the under-water horse realised by the artist immediately seemed the perfect visual synthesis of Visioni Fantastiche’s extraordinary universe. We want to thank Rebecca for her collaboration and availability, as well graphic designer and colonist Maurizio Ercole for the image graphic elaboration.

The artist: Rebecca Dautremer. Rebecca Dautremer was born in 1971 in the High Alpes. Passionate about photography and graduated in graphic design at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, she approached illustration on the occasion of her first album, in 1996, with Gautier- Languereau. It was followed by the great success of works such as L’Amoureux and famous forgotten or unknown Princesses, as well as unusual and impressive objects, such as Une Bible, with Philippe Lechermeier, her accomplice in Princesses. Just looking at her art is enough to recognise her unique style. Generous artist and freedom lover, she continuously tries to overcome her own limits, keeping the freshness and modesty of 20 years ago! Its giant format originals, true works of art sought by collectors, become small and big album pages to contemplate for hours, without tiring.