Visioni Fantastiche has inaugurated its fourth day of planning. It started at 8:30 with a film included in the 12+ category of the international Contest: Sin Fin is a teenage movie, by Cesar & Jose Esteban Alenda. In the film Javier lives a romantic story with Maria. After 15 years their relationship is no longer perfect as before. Javier decides to travel back in time to live their first meeting another time. But something will go wrong. It’s a fantastic and melancholic film that talks about the tragic love, inspired by “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. The contest has permitted to young people  not only to see a film in a cinema hall, but also to vote them after the viewing, covering  the role of viewers and judges.

At 14:30 an incredible Master Class has taken place, in order to redefine the rules of a normal lesson: “The Fantastic today between Cinema and Tv series”. The Master Class was taken by an one of the most important critics: Roy Menarini, whose presence is a big honor for the festival. The meeting was about the transformation of the fantastic and scientific genre of the last years: an overview and a didactic analysis allowed the audience to orient ourselves in a chaotic, but very vital production.

Also at 14:30, there was another activity, which was destinated to 12+ students: “The magic workshop”, which explored the link between cinema and magic, thanks to the screening of films ispired by the world of illusionism. The magician Matteo Cucchi has performed and then taught to the participants how to do magic tricks, from the most common ones to something more unexpected.

At the end of the day, at 18:00, another exclusive film was shown. This movie was the second Fantastic Preview: Lajka by Laurel Klimt. The story talks about the female dog Ljaka and other animals launched into space and, who all together colonize a distant planet. The animals establish a pacific coexistence with natives, but the sudden landing of two cosmonauts will endanger their lifes. The movie will be shown again on Sunday 27th October at 3pm.