The program of Visioni Fantastiche will be rich of activities for schools and for all movie-goers. There are different sections specifically thought for school institutes and for which registration is required. We called them “the 3 ways to participate”, referring to those Festival initiatives that will be inserted in the Educational Offering Plan 2019/2020 of Ravenna Municipality.

Let’s start with the first way, namely being part of the Juries of the International Competition. What does it mean? It means watching films and voting them after the vision. The very students will be the ones choosing the Best Films among the ones presented at the Festival. After all, it’s not a film festival without the festival section par excellence, which is the one proposing the official selection of the films selected by the Festival Direction. Result of a thorough selection process aiming at presenting the best recent production of fantastic cinema, the films of the Competition will be previewed by the students, who will not participate just as spectators but also with the essential role of Festival jurors, expressing their votes at the end of the screenings and determining the outcome of the competition.

The Competition is articulated into 5 categories defined on the basis of the different age groups of the students. The goal is infact to approah every step of growing up according to its peculiarities, with a diversified cinematographic proposal made of focused titles. We are not talking anymore about elementary, middle and high schools; the dividing line lies between different phases of the individual growth, making the young age so hard to satisfy. It’s by starting with this awareness that the Competition categories have been identified in 6+, 9+, 12+, 16+ and 18+.