Another day of amazing meetings, previews and screenings for fantastic visions, The beautiful film festival dedicated to fantastic cinema and school education. The day of Friday, October 25th began at 8:30 with the Category 16+ of the International Competition, which included a rich carnet of short films for students from 16 to 17 years. To enrich this competition of short films, the presence in the room of Adrienne Nowak, director of the short film Gusla ou les malines, was ready to meet journalists and fans for the occasion. The kids could watch the movies in the theater and vote for them after the show, playing the role of spectators and jurors.

In addition to viewing films, students were also able to participate in Workshops, focusing on practical experiences regarding cinema in its more manual aspect. At 9:00 there was the first workshop, intended for students 16+:“Podcasting and digital radio”, held by speaker Gianni Gozzoli, who had taught the children the practical and theoretical rules to create a radio podcast. In the afternoon, instead, at 14:30, the other workshop, adressed for students 16+: “The Design and Business of Videogames”, held by game designer Gian Paolo vernocchi. The workshop focused on the analysis of the world of video games and their realization and the ways that had led to a creative product to be of quality, from an aesthetic and commercial point of view.

At 6pm there was an exclusive meeting, free and open to all, with the main guest of the festival: Marta Perego, journalist, writer and film critic of international fame who had presented his last book: “The Great Women of Cinema History”. In his book Marta Perego retraces the career of thirty incredible stars in the history of cinema by valuing their strengths, highlighting their weaknesses and showing how all of them have been incredible icons of beauty, style and femininity. The meeting, realized in collaboration with ScrittuRa Festival, was led by the programmer of the Festival Carlo Tagliazucca.

Finally, at 21:00 the day ended with the third fantastic preview: Window Horses by Ann Marie flaming. The film tells the story of Rosie, a young Canadian poet, who is invited to the poetry festival in Shiraz, Iran. Rosie has never been alone anywhere, but decides to leave. The trip will be the opportunity to discover herself and her roots. Window horses is an intimate and poetic animation film, which talks about emotions, interiority and rebirth, recommended to viewers of all ages! The movie will have a rerun on October 27 at 6pm.