On May 13th we met with the schools of the Municipality of Ravenna to tell them about Visioni Fantastiche and all our proposals for the students taking place during the nine Festival days in October 2019. We truly thank the Assesorship of Public Education for this opportunity, that allowed us to present ourselves to school managers and directors, strengthening the link with the institutes of all types and levels, to which our Festival is addressed.

Visioni Fantastiche is a film festival for schools, but what does it mean concretely? Currently, there are so few initiatives of such kind in Italy that the question may arise spontaneously. Visioni Fantastiche is infact part of a very small circle of festivals where cinema is selected, valued and proposed focusing the attention on a fundamental audience, the young one where viewers of tomorrow are growing. With the belief that being able to see with a critical eye is becoming a more and more essential skill, the goal of Visioni Fantastiche is to propose itself to school institutions – through the fundamental tool of the Educational Offering Plan (known in Italy as P.O.F.) – as a unique formative experience where students, approached using specific languages based on their ages, can learn through the seventh art to develop an analytical capacity of the audiovisual images they are continuosly exposed to.

Schools of all types and levels of Ravenna Municipality can therefore take part to the rich program of the Festival, by registering their classes of students following the presentation of the P.O.F. 2019/2020 and by contacting the Festival Secretariat (Paola Di Natale: segreteriavisionifantastiche@gmail.com).

There are different Festival sections and activities specifically elaborated for schools and for which registration is required. We called them the 3 ways to participate, which are all completely free and allow students of all types and levels to live the Festival as protagonists. We are talking about the Juries of Visionaries, Laboratories and Master Classes: three unique formative experiences, each of which conceives focused proposals according to different age groups of participating studentes.

Being Festival jurors mean assisting to film screenings of Visioni Fantastiche’s official selection, which are those films selected by the Artistic Direction – among the many entries received – precisely for the students, who will be determining with their votes the best works among the ones presented at the Festival. That’s why we named our jurors Visionaries. Not only visions: Laboratories represent exclusive pratical experiences focusing on different themes of the art of making movies, whereas Master Classes will be held by professionals and personalities of the industry giving engaging and higly interactive lectures on original subject areas of contemporary cinema.