Waiting for Visioni Fantastiche’s nine days in October, section Festival Premiere continues anticipating the main event with a series of screenings proposing some of the most representative titles of today’s fantastic cinema. Next appointment is with the long-awaited Toy Story 4, the fourth chapter of the beloved Disney-Pixar saga. The screening will take place Thursday June 27th at 6pm at CinemaCity Ravenna. Entrance costs 6€ and the ticket, if kept, allows to get free access to one of the events or screenings of Visioni Fantastiche (21st/29th October 2019).

Released almost 25 years ago, first Toy Story’s episode was a “first time” in may ways: first Pixar’s feature film, first film entirely computer-animated (and it won an Oscar for that), first time where animation cinema turned a bunch of toys into thinking and emotional beings; first heartbreaking reflection on what’s left behind when growing up. Sheriff Woody, space ranger Buzz Lightyear, Mr Potato, Rex and all the others, thanks to the success of the film and its sequels, are not Andy’s toys anymore, not only his; they are the favourite toys of many kids, from different times and places.

Already announced in 2014 and after a series of postponements, the new saga chapter is at last ready to be released everywhere, first in the States and in Italy starting from next week. The film won’t be a continuation of the protagonists’ adventures as the third episode already concluded that narrative chapter in the best (and most emotional) way. New characters and elements expand the universe of narration: the arrival of Forky, a fork-toy, into Bonnie’s room – where Woody, Buzz Lightyear and their friends live – kicks off an adventure that will bring the protagonists outside of their world once again. The toy that has to be found and saved is the shepherdess Bo Peep, Woody’s old flame.

«I think one of the big reasons the Toy Story films are so entertaining is the characters.  Part of the excitement of seeing a new Toy Story film is seeing the characters you already know and love, and meeting what new toys Woody and the gang come across.  It’s fun to see the toys we know again, but I am VERY excited for the audience to meet the new toys we’ve created for this story.  Creating new characters that fit in the world alongside the classic ones was some of the most fun I had working on the film».
(Josh Cooley, regista)