Festival Juries, Workshops and Masterclasses are Visioni Fantastiche’s beating heart, but school students of every type and level will have the chance to take part in many other activities where studying and producing cinema in engaging and innovative ways.

Permanent laboratories will be created will be created within Palazzo dei Congressi; we named them Interactive Space and will be available to students during the whole Festival period from October 21st to 29th 2019. It consists of unique places able to fully enhance the harmony between ludic and educational elements. A fixed location will be reserved to the workshop conducted by Sandra Caddeo, in collaboration with DER Documentaristi Emilia-Romagna, “From LEGOs to Cinema”, allowing young participants to develop an original storytelling starting from the notorious construction game. Following the collective vision of a documentary or short film, the students will be involved in the realization of a scene to be inserted or edited within the narration using LEGOs. By doing so, their creativity will be stimulated and their teamwork ability empowered.

The Interactive Space conducted by the experts of 3D Lab Factory of the Genoa’s University will be dedicated to Virtual Reality. Students will be able to experience VR at different levels of immersion and intensity. Articulated in a preliminary theoretical phase and a practical second one, the workshop will propose a series of interactive activities using several devices. An example? The Stars Finder app, enjoyable through Google Cardboard device, aims at teaching astronomy’s basic principles, developing an immersive and extremely engaging experience.

Find out more about our Interactive Space! For info and registrations contact us at segreteriavisionifantastiche@gmail.com