The amazing program of Visioni Fantastiche has inaugurated the third day of its calendar with a catchy and full of events proposal. The day started at 8:30 with the 12+ section of the International contest, with a carnet full of short films for students from 12 to 15 years old. To make this prestigious Contest better, Benoît Schmid, filmmaker of the short film “Tomorrow, shall we all be transhumans?”, and Francesco Filippi, filmmaker of the film “Mani rosse”, were present. The section not only let the young people watch the films in the theatre but also let them vote the movies after watching them, playing the role of both spectators and judges. For all of the five sections of the Contest, the most voted short film by the judges among the ones shown has received an award for Best Short Film, which corresponded to a prize of €200,00.

Besides the viewing of the films, the students have participated to the Laboratori, based on practical experiences about the cinema manual aspect. At 9am the first activity “Shadow lines”, for 6-year-olds students and older, held by Danilo Conti and Antonella Piroli. During the activity an extraordinary play of shadows, inspired by the cinema of origins, has come to life, in which kids have seen lights and shadows dancing on the wall and mixing into incredible transformations. In the afternoon, at 2:30pm, the last activity for 18+year-olds students “Ciak si gira! Let’s realise a spot” was held by Francesco Filippi. This activity represented a unique opportunity to show the method of working on a set: the divisions of roles, the procedures and artistic criteria to use the technology available, both video and audio.

Still in the afternoon at 2:30pm, an unmissable Master Class “The history of Cartoon Disney” was held by Davide Vukich, member of the Circolo Sogni Antonio Rocco. Free and open to everyone, the Master Classes consisted of classic lessons, whose themes are about cinema, education and new media. The class talked about the origin and development of the animation cinema, from the handmade to the modern techniques, discovering the most important artists of the genre. Particular attention was dedicated to Walt Disney’s production.

Lastly at 6pm there was the main event of the day: “Captain Morten and the Spider Queen” by Kaspar Jancis, the first sensational Fantastic Premiere. Fantastic Premieres are a series of authors’ film unpublished to the great international distribution, which mix fantastic and spectacular elements. “Captain Morten and the Spider Queen” tells the story of the little Morten, who one day, to have fun, uses an old shoe to build a sailing ship, led by a crew composed by bugs. However a weird incident transforms him into a spider and then an incredible adventure starts.