Project Description

Visioni Fantastiche will propose a transverse laboratorial activity, realised in collaboration with experts coming from audiovisual education, being implemented through a double channel: one more theoretical related to cinema history, techniques and evolution, and one entirely practical where students, based on their ages, vocation and skills, will be enageged in activities where studying cinema leaves space to “making movies”.
Laboratories are of different genres and durations, and will be designed on the basis of different age groups which they are addressed to. They will be focusing on practical experiences regarding cinema in its most physical way, aiming to interest youngsters in a path valuing both educational and entertaining dimensions.
Contents of Laboratories and Master Classes will focus on the following thematic areas: “Frame-by-frame animation”; “Stop-motion”; “Special effects in cinema – VFX (Visual Effects)”; “Cinematographic language of TV series”; “The hero role in cinematographic narration”; “Cinema, feelings and neuroscience”; “Educational value of cartoons”; “Cinema and illusion”; “Hisotyr of cartoons”.

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