A part from the programme rich in proposed initiatives, the exceptional nature of Visioni Fantastiche relies in its exceptional audience and jurors. Being the first film festival of the Emilia-Romagna region entirely dedicated to schools, and distinguishing itself also at a national level where it’s inserted within the inner circle of events of this kind, the Festivals protagonists will be the Visionaries, students between 6 and 19 years of age that will attend the film screenings of the Competitions, have the chance of talking with the directors of selected works and participate in laboratories and collateral activities, specifically designed on the based on the ages of the jurors.

5 age groups, identified in the following categories 6+ / 9+ / 12+ / 16+ / 18+, that have 5 corresponding sections of the International Competition, each of which is characterized by formats and themes adequate to diverse audiences, so that to trigger a mechanism able to facilitate the learning of a critical anaylisis of reality – the whole contained in a fantastic frame, in the belief that is in this very tension between real and imaginary that relies the key to interpreting the environment surrounding us.

Discover the world of the Visionaries and all the requirement characterizing each category. All the projects proposed by Visioni Fantastiche are part of the Educational Offer Plan of Ravenna Municipality.